Longest Ride

Port Mann to Boundary Bay to Tsawwassen to Ladner to Alex Fraser and home

Retire Relaxed

 Now fully retired and ready to write a little about the relaxed life style. 

I will post under various headings that are important to us "happily" retired people such as Money, Health, Travel and more. You can read all the posts by clicking on the relevant menu heading.

Obviously very important to match income verses lifestyle.

Not for everyone - you have the travel bug or do not. I do -  so will write about my travels and the way I go about them to make it fun and comfortable

I  hope for the "stay healthy, fit and have an active life until quickly dying. So many of us have bad health for many years before finally expiring! There are many ideas that are meant to achieve this and I hope to try many out. No proof that they work until the end though.

Some of us love gardening. 

Have to have fun sometimes

What is this? Well, if retired you may have time to find out about your ancestors. Read about somewhat unusual French family from the 19th century.


Another great ride around the city using many off road paths

 French Family History - A very interesting relative

One child with a Spanish lover,  a jury trial for major theft, 3 more children with an unnamed father and a death bed marriage

The summary

Nadije Marie Gisèlle de Remellay born in Pest, Hungary to a Hungarian father Gustav Remellay and Russian Mother Therese  Lehman

Her parents divorced and her mother moved to Paris

Nadije has five children on record between 1878 and 1884

Marie de la Conception    24 /04/1878 with her Spanish lover Raymond Marie Antoine de Manglano. Marie died age 4.

Raymond Antoine Michel 26/07/1879 with "father not named" (though the name seems to point at Manglano) 

Eva Marie                           29/03/1881 listed with "father not named"

Fernand Yves Remi           22/09/1883 with Jean Fernand Rogron

Marie Marguerite Theresa   25/04/1884 "father not named". Date seems too soon after Fernand as only 7 months!


The children appear to have been bought up in different households. It is possible there was some connection between Nadije and the households but it might be just an unofficial adoption.

Nadije is on trial for theft with her lover Manglano in 1882 and found not guilty

Nadije  married Jean Fernand Rogron on his death bed in 1896 - he died four days later.

The Details

Nadije Marie Giselle de Remellay born in Pest, Hungary to a Hungarian father Gustav Remellay and Russian Mother Therese  Lehman . See marriage record  in attached PDF records file.

Gustav Remellay , her father, is listed in Wikipedia and the dates match.

Other sources says he married a Russian wife and they divorced. The wife moved to Paris.

He was a Hungarian journalist, revolutionary, spent time in jail and was an author on many historical books.

Therese  Lehman , her mother, was born in Moscow, Russia and died in Neuilly sur Seine . See death record in attached PDF records file.

Nadije Marie Giselle de Remellay  seems she swapped a Russian sounding middle name "Dowloff: for French names  'Marie Giselle" around 1880. Note the 'ff' was often used in France for Russian names instead of a letter 'v so it might  originally be 'Dowlov'

Her first name is sometimes listed  as Nadèje or Nadège in French records

Her middle name is often listed as Gisella instead of Gisèlle 

Her last name is sometimes listed as Remeläy (one L and an Umluat on the final a)

Nadije's first child 24th April 1878 is listed in her birth record as Marie de la Conception de Manglano. The parents are named as Raymond Marie Antoine Tourssaint de Manglano and Nadèje Dowloff  Remeläy. See birth record  in  attached PDF records file.

Nadije's 2nd child  1st April 1880 is listed in her birth record as Eva de Remellay. The parents are named as Giselle de  Remeläy  and father not named. See birth record  in  attached PDF records file.

How do we know the mother is the same person?

1, The newspaper reports of the trial of Nadije  Remellay  and Manglano show her name both to be 

Nadège Remellay and Marie Gisèle Nadèje de Remellay. The reports also say she is Hungarian.

2. Her age on the date on her childrens births and her marriage  relative to her birth year line up

3. Gisèle is also written as Gisella in many of the records.

4. Searches show no other 'Remellay' or similar spelling records - the name is unusual in France as it is Hungarian.

Eva Marie de Remellay (later Eva Brochot) lived in this house as a child.
Has anyone information on the history of this grand manoir / petit chateau which was probably in the area of Dieppe - Seine, France?

    Please add a comment if you recognize this house.
    The photo might be from around 1890.

Nadije's 3nd child  17th January 1883 listed in his birth record as  Raymond Antoine Michel. The parents are named as Gisella  Marie Nadège  Remellay  and father not named.  Fernand Rogron is listed as living in the same home (aged 4 years younger than her) and in 1896 she marries Jean Fernand Rogron (aged 4 years younger than her). See birth record  in  attached PDF records file.

Nadije's 4th child 25th April 1884 is listed in her birth record as Marie Marguerite THERESA Remellay. The parents are named as Nadèje Marie Giselle Remeläy  and father not named. Jean Jaques Rogron is listed as living in the same home. See birth record  in  attached PDF records file.

The Trial

Several newpapers report on the trial of  five people for stealing and then selling securities. 

The accused include Martinez Manglano and  Nadège de Remellay but they are also named as Ramond-Garcias-Manglano, known under the name of Martinez and Miss Marie Gisèle Nadėje de Remellay, also known as Garcia de Romilly, mistress de Martinez. 

A section of one report is below:  (very poorly translated) . See the full original reports in the  attached PDF records file..

Nadège de Remellay above all, a very pretty, very cute person, with a naughty little Hungarian accent, confirms that she did not know the provenance of the titles, which she continued to negotiate. Her letters to her lover Manglano justify her. In one of her epistles dated September 10, 1880 and addressed to London, she told him in a touching way. 

“As for you, come back penniless, we have lived before, we will continue after; but if you stay with these people, you are their accomplice ... You always lie ... " 

NADĖGE. Then a few days later, on September 26, she also wrote: " What have you done ? What people do you do business with? They are thieves. The securities you made me sell are stolen. I am crazy. So send an explanation. It is better to be poor and lead our sad life. Our poor child! Come back immediately. Leave them ! It's horrible !

NADÈGE. These are certainly very fine sentiments expressed, but this magnanimous contempt for poverty should not be taken too seriously.

Mile Nadėje de Remellay is a very well-known demi-mondaine at Bignon, where she had very spiritual companions, whom she claims to be in front of the jury: very appreciated at the Café Anglais and elsewhere ... so she would not have died of hunger for if little. Manglano, alleged correspondent of a mass of newspapers which are perhaps printed beyond the Pyrenees, Manglano the Spaniard, lover of this Hungarian from Pesth, claims as naturally that he wanted to render service to a friend and compatriot in ridding him of the titles of which he believed him to be the legitimate possessor. 

Remellay family tree

Note that Raymond de Manglano is only certainly the father of Marie de la Conception.  Raymond de Manglano might be the father of the other three children.

The Remellay Records can be studied here including full French text from the trial reports

Eva Marie de Remellay married Rene Brochot. Rene Brochot had two wives. He married Eva de Remellay after his first wife Antionette Blanche died.

A portion of the Brochot family tree

Eva de Remellay may have grown up with Rene Brochot’s aunt Francoise who was also married twice. Antionette Blanche died at aunt Francoise Brochot’s home. Eva de Remellay is on Antoine's death certificate as a witness though by then she was living in Paris. It is possible that Eva was raised by a Brochot aunt and that is how she knew Rene Brochot and married him after Antionette died.

Eva was sent to boarding school so the family that raised her had some wealth..

Rene and Eva had one daughter "Renée"

The Brochot Records can be studied here

 Travel is halted during these COVID times.

Last trip was to India with an emergency exit in March 2020 as COVID started to take hold.


Morning Ride

95.69km Distance 6:09:04 Moving Time 563m

More Fitness Classes


1. Two Bike rides a week
2. Two long walks a week

Not much else!


Trying to  cover all the bases with
1 pilates class     for core strength
1 yoga  class       for flexibility and balance
1 cardio / strength class  for obviously mainly cardio and some strength
2 workouts in the gym   for mainly strength
1 long walk  for fun and apparently good health.

Can I keep this up? We will see....

Enough Money for the lifestyle you enjoy is certainly one of the keys to a happy retirement (although good health has to be the most important).

How do you arrange this?

I think a detailed budget is the best place to start.

How to do this?

Step 1:  Create a spreadsheet with columns where you can place your monthly spending. Have 12 sheets - one for each month.

Step 2: Download your bank transactions every month and assign each outgoing amount to a column.

Spending Tracking image

This is a wide spreadsheet so here is the left side:

And here is the right side:

More details about the sheet calculations in the next post on the Money topic

Local community centres offer various exercise programs depending on the facilities.


On this day:

Our centre offers an Athletic Intervals class Tuesday mornings. A cardio warm up followed by intervals of weights and cardio for 1 hour. Then 15 minutes more for some core work and a brief  stretch. Some serious sweating but a good feeling when it finishes!


My New Bike

Model: Dual Sport 3

Shop: Trek Bicycle Burnaby

Date of purchase: 8/22/2019 2:28:19 PM

Serial Number: WTU141C2527P

E Bike now only used for allotment garden trips - can carry lots of produce.

A great idea - Combine Heath and exercise with relaxation and craft beer 

Bike ride to breweries. Outdoor patio seating

We only managed two of these breweries.

Andina  - Enjoyed a flight at the very quiet noon opening time.

Parallel 49  - busy as it has food as well as a very large beer selection. The cod taco with fries together with a flight of IPAs was a great choice.
Exercise is an important part of the retired lifestyle - for health, enjoyment, friendship and more.

Exercise  is now a habit and missing a session seems to result in a little 'down' feeling without really knowing why.

Walk over to my local gym. Do  my typical 20 minute cardio of some kind to warm up (ride the exercise bike on rolling hills setting) and then  light to medium weight lifting for strength maintenance.

Took a bike ride over to North Vancouver to visit a friend. Used my power assisted E-Bike on the hills but still pedaled hard most of the time. About a 24km round tip

Each Year

Tomato seed start around on March 1st in a seed started mix with seed trays on heater cables and with covers.

In a few weeks, pot up the best seedlings in a 4 inch pot using in a soil/compost mix as can been seen in the photo.